Monday, May 2, 2011

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and bechamel

flat green beans, I have a habit of cutting them lengthwise and into pieces.

Ingredients (2 persons) 500
GMOs. flat green beans
2 thin slices of diced bacon
1 / 2 small onion, chopped 100 ml
. of tomato sauce (can be brik)
oil and salt Grated

PREPARATION Clean the beans, chop and cook in salted water. Once cooked, drain them to (cook ahead of time to drain well.)
in a pan Add oil and when hot add the onion and let brown. Then add the bacon and when it begins to color add the tomato sauce, stir well and leave a couple of minutes. After this time, and add the drained beans, stir and remove from heat.
the beans are passed to a baking dish (preferably earthenware). It makes a white sauce which is You can add a spoonful of tomato sauce and it extends over the beans. Sprinkle grated cheese and put on grill for fifteen minutes.


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